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Tue, 31 Jan 2006

Mabber: Mobile Jabber service

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heise.de runs an article about Mabber, which is a service claiming to replace the common known SMS.

The Article tells they use a ejabberd as backend and an extension of Jabber Web Chat as frontend to their web service. A Java client running with J2ME on all the new mobile phones completes the service.

When being online using the cellphone client it will override any web client for the user id logged in at the same time, by doing some priorisation stuff.

Over all this sounds pretty interesting. Anyway it's still unclear for me if mabber.com is yet another jabber server from which I can chat to all my jabber friends, or if this will be a closed user group with no interface to the remaining internet.

Pricing is also interesting: During beta the service is free, afterwards they'll they a montly usage fee for the service. So this gets really interesting only when UMTS/GPRS fees go down, too. And maybe someone should think about doing a regular open source jaber client which runs with J2ME...

Mon, 30 Jan 2006

Blog.Worm - WAAAH!

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Found at nobses blog.

As it seems, this virus even may infect mail clients like mutt:

 363 N + Jan 30 Planet LUSC       Norbert Tretkowski: Blog.Worm

As well as IRC clients...:

13:16:50          makii | "363 N + Jan 30 Planet LUSC       Norbert Tretkowski: Blog.Worm " omg :-)

Making Jessica Alba Hot in 11 Steps

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In some web designers' blog I found this URL. It describes how to combine several images to make the girls hotter than they are already. Astonishing...

Fri, 27 Jan 2006

RSS "reader"

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Thanking to nobse (one more time) I've discovered a new tool for reading rss feeds: rss 2 email. It uses a python rss feed parser to subscribe news feeds and sends new items to a specified email address.

Pretty neat tool when you're used to try reading a several news pages on a regular working day. Using the preferred MUA to read news (for some pages unfortunately only the headlines), or at least filter out the uninteresting ones for me, in a single place should speed up things a little.

First Think, then act

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Ok, another thing I've learned right now: http://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=120494.

well, at least I didn't shoot my leg or killed my /etc without backup... :-)

Fri, 20 Jan 2006

Tokio Hotel

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Everybody here in good old germany might know, or may have heard of, the more or less famous band "Tokio Hotel. Also being pretty young, the hit perfectly the exact taste of asolutely disgusting music. They are all pretty young (hardly 18 yo), but already touring all around the country.

Of course they're getting targeted by the german blogging community:

  • Waisenknabe writes: The brand-new single from Tokio Hotel is a follow up of their latest hit "Durch den Monsun", named "Abtrocknen nicht vergessen"
  • n24 um 23 Uhr shows us: How the Tokio Hotel precessor "Devilish" looked like. This clarifies that the singer Bill always looked like a girl, and even weared skirts.
  • Last, but not least, someone around IRC posted this pretty picture of their frontman associated with the title of a famous movie by Quentin Tarantino.

No more to say on this ... :-)

Fri, 13 Jan 2006

I'm such a fool!

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Howdy pals, I wish everybody a happy new year!

I should've known it better. I'm really not superstitious, but on some days I've got this strange feeling I should not get out of bed.

I was playing around abit with weex, a pretty neat tool for maintaining ftp servers, preferably website accounts. Unfortunately the man page doesn't clear up enough that it syncs just one-way, meaning upwards...

So an advantage - it's pretty fast - gets and disadvantage, and my whole blog was gone until i could press CTRL-C...

Fuck up - noone's reading this block anyway... (if I'm wrong - give me a note)

Almost everything is up and running again - With weex syncronizing upwards from my home box. There still are missing some images in this blog as well as some whole entries which weren't in the backup - fixing this later maybe...

IN / Im Notfall

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As about 1000 other bloggers from here/germany blogged, my source was Spreeblick again, the Feuerwehr-Blog wants a lot of citizens to add entries named IN ("Im Notfall") to there mobiles phonebooks, so they now who should be called if something happened to you.

The initial source of this campaign is the british example initiated after the terror assassination on the tube in london. The fire brigade as well as the rescue service didn't know whom to contact for the victims.

Blog on!

We all are killers

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As you can read in this (german) cut from a newspaper... beware of us Computer Science Freaks... :)
Newspaper scan
To give Credit, found at Next Nexus.

Funny IRC quotes

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Recently a collegue of mine came up telling he found a really funny page with tons if IRC quotes on it. For some reason this page reminded me to a link I stumbled over about a year ago or two: bash.org and his german little brother german-bash.org.

While laughing over the first quote he reported about (something about a youngster who put cling film over the toilet, unfortunately his sister had the runs and it hit the wall...) I recognized - "OMG" - it was german-bash.org he was telling about. At least we can still laugh about the same bullshit :) .

The Daily What the F***!?!

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As every CS guy I have some websites I try to check and ready every day when time allows it. One of them is The daily WTF. Check it. No more comments necessary.

Der Pawel

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blablabla, der pawel ist sooo dooooof !

Ascii Movie

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In a java channel a IRC friend posted today this
l33t p0rn

Yesterday I found this recipe for a real geek sandwich:
Giant Burger

Found in #java@qnet

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Two ints and a Float are in a bar. They spot an attractive Double on her own.
The first int walks up to her. "Hey, baby", he says, "my VM or yours". She slaps him and he walks back dejected.
The second int walks over. "Hey, cute-stuff, can I cook your Beans for breakfast". After a quick slapping, he too walks back.
The Float then ambles over casually. "Were those two primitive types bothering you?", he remarks.
"Yes. I'm so glad you're here", she says.

"They just had no Class!"

Found in #java@freenode

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Well, currently sushi or japanese food seems to become more and more popular here in germany. Keeping up with japanese tradtions when eating japanese is also considered as "in", at least you should use the chop sticks for the sushi rolls or teriaki. If you're not familar how to eat sushi, check this new Sushi-HOWTO from Eugene Ciurana.

Another month, another blog entry...

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Ok, some month past, and here's another blog entry from me. As you may have noticed, I set up another layout of this homepage. IMO the old one was a little overloaded, with all these image boxes and stuff... this one is pretty neat and stolen from a coppermine gallery theme called "IPodLounge". Some time soon I want to move this page including the blog from this box next to my couch to my webspace on www.makii.de.

When just started a personal entry I can continue what was up the last few weeks. A friend of mine whom lives in Berlin few years now got married and celebrated this givin' a party. Here's the Link to the pictures Carina and I took. Unfortunately I just could take 4 Pictures, then my digital camera corrupted and I had to continue using mi lousy Phone cam... :-(

But after all there were enough folks with cams around. Here are the photos from Michael and or Silkes' (the bride!!) brother Holger took.

A voice against Cellphone Ringtones & Ads for 'em

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Today i found an interesting blog article about the company Jamba! and their slightly missleading tv >spots running on MTV and Viva advertising cellphone rintong abos for EUR >3,99 or 4,99 / month.

My opinion is to tar and feather these guys as first, the spots are so annoying I switch channel each time I see it, and second, most young kids simply just don't think this is an abo, as they just want to get this fu***** ringtone.

This is a vote associated with the ringtone-tv-spot topic, worth to sign, imo:

Unterschriftenaktion gegen Fernsehen ohne Werbung für kostenpflichte

Code Freeze in the Portal Project (french version)

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Ok, this wednesday we had the feature code freeze for our french portal project, it's currently available to selected customers of cortal france under this URL. Also if I'm not this convinced with the layout and the more or less dirty HTML code, it looks quite nice and runs fine in most browsers (except konqueror unfortunately ).

As we're finished with our part (mostly available under "Infos & Marchés) I'm currently rebuilding the Certificates Overview Page for the current german website available under this URL. As this page is quite trading oriented-only not much customers new to certificates get detailed information on what they are really and how they can earn money with them, so there will be more textual explanations on this topic and also new features for traders. This'll become another hack i quess, as what the website team wants to have can't be done in one or two backend requests... So let's see what it becomes.

A new era starts

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Ok, new years eve is gone, the frozen zone in my company lasts still 8 days, but for me nothing's the same in the office:

  • New Desk
  • New Computer (IBM P4/TFT) running Linux (which I still have to install)

I'll no longer have to argue with the content-team and the webdesigners why there is the w3c and why they set up HTML 4.0 or XHTML 1.0, and why it's good to try to produce valid code. On from the 1st of January 2005 I'm a member of the Middleware Team which writes software interconnecting the different trading frontends with the backends, the exchanges and the issuers.

I'm glad to be there, as it's one of the few teams running almost completely on linux. The only thing is that they all use Eclipse but I love this IntelliJ IDEA so much... well, I think I'll bequeath my license to my successor if he wants to, so he can struggle with it's ant integration.

The Linux Distribution of my choice is Debian, as I don't like these commercial ones like SuSE or Fedora Core. After downloading and toasting the Woddy ISO I asked Nobse now stable Sarge is. As his opinion was it's good enough to work with I'll try it out and see if he's right :) .

Portal Project: code freeze

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so, one of my current project is doing a website relaunch for our french sister company. As it shall go live within the next month the code was freezed, and we have to concentrate on bug fixing.

Reporting Project: Reading excel files *hum*

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This f***** project unfortunately never will die.

Reporting Project

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Yeeehaa! It's done. Was easier than thought
I used Apache's Jakarta POI to parse the excel file from our partner company to get a list of keys we shall sort into separate categories. The initial read of the the original excel files fails, as there is an image embedded in the file, what obviously causes a ClassCastException while the single Cells are sorted into a TreeMap, while it's sorting in the new added Entry.
Maybe, when I've time, I'll fix this and submit some classes, also if I don't believe... As always when I'm saying such things I never find time :-(

I'm the java guru :P

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Well, actually I never won't pronounce myself as something like a guru or whatever. But today Karin from the product management team asked me to review the source code of an external developer. I was really amazed they came to me to do this. So the guy really did a good job I think, the only thing was that he did almost no javadoc inline documentation.

So, now he fixed this, so I'm pretty happy with this small tool for our platinum customers team, also if we'd have to fix bugs on our own.

THIS BLOG IS DISCONTINUED - Blog moved to www.makii.de

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Howdy pals,

finally i moved this blog to my webspace domain www.makii.de, unfortunately this caused all older entries to be mixed up / ordered by random (in fact ftp transfer order). If you want to get the correct dates, check the order on the old blog.

Linux Workshop Weekend 2004

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As maybe mentioned before I'm a member of the Linux User Schwabach e.V., a pretty nice LUG located near to Nürnberg.

We're organizing 2 regular events every year, one Linux for Beginners, usually taking place in spring, and a Worksop Weekend for more advanced Users, in autum.

I just found the photos from the last Workshop Weekend. Was pretty nice as we had visitors from the Bluefrogs from Bergisch Gladbach and the company I'm working for was co-sponsor by borrowing some brand-new P4 desktops (this black boxes on the table) for the workshops.

I think i have some from the last Linux 4 Beginners, and will post them when found :)

When interested in stuff like this join us on one of our regular's tables listed here, on our barbecue this year or on this years Workshop Weekend.

Blog setup finished (for this time)

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Well, now my own little blog page is finished, after little struggle with the HTML layout from the rest of my homepage. As this is PHP I unfortunately cannot integrate it as much as I want now, as I never really did perl somewhere.

but this seems to be a nice practicing subject...

The struggle with my tv-out and LUSC

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As I set up gentoo on my desktop pc last and after some problems if finally found out that I have to start the alsa daemon to get my sound card running, I wantet also the tv-out of my Nvidia GeForce2 MX 400 to run. After some googleing, searching in the gentoo forum and asking friends I trapped on a utility called nvtv, what let's you control some parameters of the nvidia card. The GUI has a nice button "TV on" and another one "TV off", what worked from scratch. So I now can watch my DVDs and other videos from my Linux PC on the TV.

but the image doesn't look that nice as on the windows machine, I think I have to read some more an configure the card properly to get this ugly violett bar away on the left side of my tv.

I currenlty visit the regulars' tables of the LUSC, Linux User Group Schwabach, what's a small city 20 km south of Nürnberg. I think I'll join them soon as a regular member.

From the 30. Sept to the 3. Oct. there's a Linux Workshop Weekend in Schwabach. I'll put my newly installed desktop there to show the fluxbox and enlightenment window managers. Pawel, a friend of mine also wants to join the workshop weekend and put is newly compiled svg-desktop there, but unfortunately his motherboard burnt through, so let's see if he can do.

This is my first blog entry

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So, welcome to my instance of the latest web trend - blogging. I just installed this nice blosxom blog tool, and up to now it seems quite nice:

  • Easy to install
  • Just one (perl) cgi script
  • Set up in 10 minutes
So let's see if I'm still so excited when I try to use some of these plugins or themes to make it looking more cute.

Porting FOSS to propreitary systems / There was a blog, wasn't it?

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Hi Pals.

got up early today, I know I'm not updating this f***ing blog pretty often, as I really don't know if anybody's reading. Should check my apache logs... IF you do, please send me an email. Address can be found here.

As i recognized recently I'm loosing lots of interesting information by simply not writing them up, i wanted to start doing so in some directory by using textfiles. In some mysterious way this reminded me of my blosoxom weblog i set up months ago. So why not simply writing textfiles just here and share the information?

Check out this link I found in an IRC channel, I completely agree with the writers' opinion why you should not port FOSS to more propreitare systems, especially W32.


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