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Fri, 13 Jan 2006

Porting FOSS to propreitary systems / There was a blog, wasn't it?

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Hi Pals.

got up early today, I know I'm not updating this f***ing blog pretty often, as I really don't know if anybody's reading. Should check my apache logs... IF you do, please send me an email. Address can be found here.

As i recognized recently I'm loosing lots of interesting information by simply not writing them up, i wanted to start doing so in some directory by using textfiles. In some mysterious way this reminded me of my blosoxom weblog i set up months ago. So why not simply writing textfiles just here and share the information?

Check out this link I found in an IRC channel, I completely agree with the writers' opinion why you should not port FOSS to more propreitare systems, especially W32.


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