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Fri, 13 Jan 2006

Code Freeze in the Portal Project (french version)

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Ok, this wednesday we had the feature code freeze for our french portal project, it's currently available to selected customers of cortal france under this URL. Also if I'm not this convinced with the layout and the more or less dirty HTML code, it looks quite nice and runs fine in most browsers (except konqueror unfortunately ).

As we're finished with our part (mostly available under "Infos & Marchés) I'm currently rebuilding the Certificates Overview Page for the current german website available under this URL. As this page is quite trading oriented-only not much customers new to certificates get detailed information on what they are really and how they can earn money with them, so there will be more textual explanations on this topic and also new features for traders. This'll become another hack i quess, as what the website team wants to have can't be done in one or two backend requests... So let's see what it becomes.


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