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Fri, 13 Jan 2006

Another month, another blog entry...

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Ok, some month past, and here's another blog entry from me. As you may have noticed, I set up another layout of this homepage. IMO the old one was a little overloaded, with all these image boxes and stuff... this one is pretty neat and stolen from a coppermine gallery theme called "IPodLounge". Some time soon I want to move this page including the blog from this box next to my couch to my webspace on www.makii.de.

When just started a personal entry I can continue what was up the last few weeks. A friend of mine whom lives in Berlin few years now got married and celebrated this givin' a party. Here's the Link to the pictures Carina and I took. Unfortunately I just could take 4 Pictures, then my digital camera corrupted and I had to continue using mi lousy Phone cam... :-(

But after all there were enough folks with cams around. Here are the photos from Michael and or Silkes' (the bride!!) brother Holger took.


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