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Sun, 14 Jan 2007

GeoCaching enhanced

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Lost something recently? Or found something (more or less) valuable?

Check TheFoundBin.com if someone has found your item or is missing the one you found. Well, if you don't find your lost item here, maybe go check eBay if someone wants to make money of it!

Strange things are going on here on this planet...

[via lifehacker.com]

Sun, 01 Oct 2006

Ich bin offizieller Sponsor...

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Tjo, wie schon in diversen anderen Blogs gelesen, hat der sich das Logo des Vereins "Offizieller Sponsor des Bundesministeriums für Finanzen" gešndert, und zwar wie folgt:


Gut und eigentlich ja auch richtig... ;-)

Sat, 29 Apr 2006

Kill Bill's Browser

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The german Gizmodo-fork runs an funny story about an "initiative" for the firefox browser. Users may include a JavaScript *sigh* on their homepage either nagging on vistors using the famous browser from Redmond or even telling them their browser isn't suitable for the page they wanted to visit. Interesting approach recalling there are still some sites online prohibiting users with alternative browsers like firefox from viewing.

On top of this, when signing up on Google Ads you can even earn money. They tell you get up to one buck for each visitor. Well, what this "up to" means may be interesting. Someone knows?!?

Mon, 03 Apr 2006

Free Kick

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As much as I do (or don't?!?) like soccer, the upcomming world championship and the enthusiasm surrounding it here in germany: Enough is enough!!

Is this the apocalypse?!?!?!?!?!?

Via shopblogger.de

Thu, 30 Mar 2006

Es gibt sie also wirklich: die Aufblasbare Waschmaschine

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Man will es ja kaum glauben: Es gibt sie tatsächlich! Die Aufblasbare Waschmaschine!

Mon, 20 Feb 2006

PTO requests a model of working Warp Drive

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As this Slashdot article tells us, the Patent & Trademark Office rejected a patent application titled Technical and theoretical specifications for warp drive technology with a remark "Applicant is required to furnish a model of the instant invention. 35 U.S.C. 114. See Also 37 C.F.R. 1.91.".

Well, I'm eager to see this invention in action... :-)

Mon, 30 Jan 2006

Blog.Worm - WAAAH!

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Found at nobses blog.

As it seems, this virus even may infect mail clients like mutt:

 363 N + Jan 30 Planet LUSC       Norbert Tretkowski: Blog.Worm

As well as IRC clients...:

13:16:50          makii | "363 N + Jan 30 Planet LUSC       Norbert Tretkowski: Blog.Worm " omg :-)

Making Jessica Alba Hot in 11 Steps

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In some web designers' blog I found this URL. It describes how to combine several images to make the girls hotter than they are already. Astonishing...

Fri, 13 Jan 2006

IN / Im Notfall

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As about 1000 other bloggers from here/germany blogged, my source was Spreeblick again, the Feuerwehr-Blog wants a lot of citizens to add entries named IN ("Im Notfall") to there mobiles phonebooks, so they now who should be called if something happened to you.

The initial source of this campaign is the british example initiated after the terror assassination on the tube in london. The fire brigade as well as the rescue service didn't know whom to contact for the victims.

Blog on!


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