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Fri, 13 Jan 2006

The struggle with my tv-out and LUSC

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As I set up gentoo on my desktop pc last and after some problems if finally found out that I have to start the alsa daemon to get my sound card running, I wantet also the tv-out of my Nvidia GeForce2 MX 400 to run. After some googleing, searching in the gentoo forum and asking friends I trapped on a utility called nvtv, what let's you control some parameters of the nvidia card. The GUI has a nice button "TV on" and another one "TV off", what worked from scratch. So I now can watch my DVDs and other videos from my Linux PC on the TV.

but the image doesn't look that nice as on the windows machine, I think I have to read some more an configure the card properly to get this ugly violett bar away on the left side of my tv.

I currenlty visit the regulars' tables of the LUSC, Linux User Group Schwabach, what's a small city 20 km south of Nürnberg. I think I'll join them soon as a regular member.

From the 30. Sept to the 3. Oct. there's a Linux Workshop Weekend in Schwabach. I'll put my newly installed desktop there to show the fluxbox and enlightenment window managers. Pawel, a friend of mine also wants to join the workshop weekend and put is newly compiled svg-desktop there, but unfortunately his motherboard burnt through, so let's see if he can do.


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