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Sat, 24 Mar 2007

Linux on the Command Line slides

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Here are the slides for the Workshop I gave today at the Erlanger Linuxtage 2007.

Fri, 23 Mar 2007

Service Providers...

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Why do some service providers, when I ask them kindly for an extraction of some translation resources, **ALWAYS** send these FU=)(%=)"/%=)"!%/>= Microsoft Office Word files?!?!?

They know exaclty I need to load this data into our database! I guess they'll never learn...

Nerdcore Geek Rap

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Some time ago found on Planet Debian from Amaya Rodrigo: Nerdcore seems to be a rap band from Stanford university with Lyrics. There's also a track for download.

Wed, 14 Mar 2007

Workshop about Linux on the Commandline

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Another item which passed along recently and was not blogged here... As every year the LUSC is giving talks at the Volkshochschule Schwabach about Linux. For further details check the VHS page in our wiki. The slides which have been prepared are also linked there.

As it seems I'll give the same workshop at the Erlanger Linuxtage this year, which take place on 24. and 25. March this year.


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As I also recently startet Role playing (not one of these MMORPG, but pen and paper), Henning pointed me to Giant in the playground which has some really funny comic strips on this topic, as you may see here:

Jesus Saves...

Tue, 13 Mar 2007

Long Time - No See

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Recent weeks were pretty stressful, I even don't know where to start...

First of all, every single desktop box at home went down, one due to an broken motherboard, and the other one I haven't figured out yet. So I only have my Laptop. I don't know whether I'll replace them, and if so, with what. I thought about buying an Mac Mini. It's pretty good hardware everybody says and they look pretty cute. And after all it's running BSD and there are pretty much sources for additional software, also open source, for example the Fink Project provides apt-* and debian packages for OS X. This nice thing joined with a nice big LCD TV should do the trick to a nice media center :o)

Next big item is the upcomming release of our new middleware software at the office. Currently the release date is planned in a few weeks, also if there are unfinished issues currently, but fortunately not in our part. So it's likely we have to postpone the release. Let's see what happens here.

After all that the planning for the next Linux event started. It will take place in the JuZe in Schwabach. On thursday we plan to fix up the schedule for presentations and workshops, as soon as they will be finished we will put them on the Schwabacher Linux Tage 2007 page on our homepage. The poster is also finished yet. At least almost, a typo is still to fix:

Schwabacher Linux Tage 2007 Plakat


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