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Wed, 31 Jan 2007

Mental note to self:

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Never, *NEVER* turn off your spamd.

Especially if you startup your box collecting all your emails using fetchmail after a DSL downtime for about a week...

DSL Downtime :-(

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Well, it's really funny how much one depends on the internet. I noted this the last days, as my phone- and DSL line was down down. No emails, no google, no RSS feeds, no IRC, no IM, <place your killer application here>. Well, at least I got some books done.

Finally the cable guy from T-Com came this moring to check the socket and manifold in cellar. He screwed around for some time there and finally it was working. But don't ask me what the problem was, I didn't figure out it. Unfortunately for all the new phone- and internet service providers here in germany they are not allowed to buy the so-called "last mile" from the Telekom or T-Com, or even to pull their own. So everyone has to wait for a timeslot of a technician from T-Com to fix the line. Cramp!

Sun, 21 Jan 2007

Well, "folk metal"...

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Something really odd just happened... I was listening to last.fm tag radio, folk metal to be exact. And then it just hit me:

Sat, 20 Jan 2007

Ubutu-setup.exe (needs Windows Installer)

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Pretty astonished I was when thumbling over this article on lifehacker.com. It describes an Ubuntu Install program for Windows which downloads an ubuntu install image via bittorrent in the background, installs Ubuntu on the users harddrive and, when finished, lets you boot into a newly installed basic ubuntu installation.

The installer is still labeled as prototype, so be aware of bugs. Nothing for me anyway - or does the installer work with wine?

Mon, 15 Jan 2007

Moved to new office

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Finally it's done. Half of my team (including me, obiously) moved to the new building in the Bahnhofstraße 45 in Nuernberg. Over all, everything runs smoothly here for the first day, except the printers didn't arrive today, but, as already mentioned on irc, why should anyone need printers in a paperless office *g*.

The building is mostly finished, some desks are still missing for coworkers which move here in the next few weeks. Network and all other services are pretty good available. Almost worked too good :)

Henning made a photo with his MacBook just before lunch, so see for yourself:

Photo of my new working place

Well, one thing is missing: We cannot play table soccer yet!

Sun, 14 Jan 2007

GeoCaching enhanced

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Lost something recently? Or found something (more or less) valuable?

Check TheFoundBin.com if someone has found your item or is missing the one you found. Well, if you don't find your lost item here, maybe go check eBay if someone wants to make money of it!

Strange things are going on here on this planet...

[via lifehacker.com]

Fri, 12 Jan 2007

Tablesoccer Tournament

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As we're moving to our new office location these days, we hosted the last company table soccer tournament in the Deutschherrenkarree mid of december last year. My partner and I of team Wurzelprumpft achieved only the fifth place out of nine - average. Of course everything was his fault ;-)

Team Wurzelprumpft

There were taken some photos, see here for on flickr.


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