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Thu, 19 Jul 2007

The Voyage: Cologne (2)

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Ok, another part of my relocation story.

After everything was OK so far in the new flat, I had, of course, to renovate the old one. Worked out pretty well, as some Friends (Martin and Jackie), as well as my parents, helped painting the walls. Almost everything was tidied up in three days, with one exception. At last my lessor mentioned I've to remove the kitchen i took over from the former lodger. So there was more to do.

I finally sold the old kitchen last sunday and, if everything works out, I can hand over the keys to my lessor day after tomorrow.

Since yesterday my car has a new registration plate:

my car with it's new number plate

After some horror stories of one of my colleagues, which were rather exaggerated, I wondered if i'll ever return from the admission office ("There are always 90 people waiting!", "You better get there an hour before the office opens up!"). But after calling the office before lunch the other guy told me there were just nine others waiting in the hall. So I went there and the whole thing was through within the hour. :-)


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