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Mon, 16 Jul 2007

The Voyage: Cologne

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OK, again there was no entry here for a long time, partially due to my relocation to Cologne. Well, most is settled now. The relocation was, as I commissioned it to a professional relocation company, named Ritter Möbeltransporte. These guys were really fast, I went to get some coffee from the bakery and all 25 packing cases were already in the lorry. Everything disjointed and packed in two hours and a half. Then, on the road to Cologne, there was a traffic jam near Würzburg, and we were one our late. But everything was fixed up and in my flat at half past six.

Till now I'm really happy with my new flat: Parquet floor all over the place, dish washer, balcony, cellar, basement garage. Maybe there'll be some photos next time. Right now it's still a bit of a mess, as I need some more boards to get all my stuff on here. Was pretty packed in the old flat and somehow there's more room in the kitchen and sleeping room now.

Well, enough for today, I'll get some supper now. See ya!


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