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Fri, 28 Jul 2006

This blog is **NOT** dead

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Having not blogged in a long time I thought it might be time for yet another update, so here it is

For the Job, I'm currently involved in a project named eAT, doing some stuff using JMS/IBM MQ in conjunction with Message driven beans. As this topic currently still slightly political here, maybe later more on this.

Recently more or less was going on around here in Nuremberg, I visitend Rock im Park, only on fryday, but it was worth it. The lineup on the center stage on friday afternoon was:

After all it was a pretty stunning event: The gleeman of Franz Ferdinand didn't strike the right note very often, Sportfreunde rocked as usual, and the Placebo show was good as usual, but didn't burn the house the last time I saw them. Well, the new disc is a little slower, so this may be the reason.

Not enough, this big fishes were followed by some kind of the Godfathers of electronic music, Depeche Mode. The show was extraordinary, with 3 display panels instead of a banner, showing videos made by cameras in front of the stage. They came up with a good mixture of old and new songs, so something for everyone.


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