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Thu, 16 Mar 2006

New Phone- and Internet-Provider

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OK, this week I switched to an new Phone- and Internet-Provider. NEFKoms maxi-dsl was my choice. I took an analog Phone line and the 6 MBit DSL Flat.

The switch itself worked pretty seamless: Telekom cut the line in the morning, and as I came home in the evening at about 10 to 8 pm with the new Splitter, DSL Modem and phone everything was working out of the box. I love it when things just work :-) .

Anyway I think I'll put the packet with the DSL-Modem in the corner just as it is, as my Linksys WRT54G includes a modem and just kept working after inserting the new login credentials for the NEFKom Flat. Here the new status report:

New DSL Bandwith status

Before I had a Telekom ISDN line, but almost never took advantage of its features, so I downgraded to a POTS line. As I already got all the other hardware, and don't want to get one of this cute Fitzbox all-in-wonder boxes providing a ISDN s0 bus even if you got POTS, I need a new Phone. I took this one:

My new Phone: Motorola ME 4052-1

The Issues important to me:

  • Cordless
  • Cool looking
  • Takes default AA or AAA accus/batteries
  • May have a plug socket for headset

Usually I like to try out new toys by trial and error. But this time a look in the manual was worth it:

connection schema
in the phone manual

Shouldn't this be the outher way round? ;-)


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