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Sat, 29 Apr 2006


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As some of you might know already I bought a new laptop recently. My choice was the Samsung X20. And what was the first I did with it? Put Debian on it. Currently it runs Sarge using the 2.6.8 kernel build by nobse (I think, at least ;-> )

Samsung tells me it may run up to 5 hours unwired, but (using Linux) my acpi tells me something about 2:20h after unplugging it from power with a full battery. I did not check up to know if it's estimate is accurate, I'll tell you so if/when I've done.

Linux works pretty nice on it, there are plenty of howtos/tutorials out there on the net. Thanks to tokkee for helping me with the IPW2200 to get wlan up and running. The things I didn't check up to now are the card reader, firewire, the external screen/beamer connector, as well as composite tv and the S/PDIF auido features.

One point why I decided for this X20 is the graphics card is an ATI X600, which has its own memory and doesn't steal me RAM (which is actually 1GB). It gets pretty funny when starting glxgears after activating the OpenGLOverlay option in the X-config: it goes nuts and tells me something about avg. 2300 FPS... %-)

Kill Bill's Browser

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The german Gizmodo-fork runs an funny story about an "initiative" for the firefox browser. Users may include a JavaScript *sigh* on their homepage either nagging on vistors using the famous browser from Redmond or even telling them their browser isn't suitable for the page they wanted to visit. Interesting approach recalling there are still some sites online prohibiting users with alternative browsers like firefox from viewing.

On top of this, when signing up on Google Ads you can even earn money. They tell you get up to one buck for each visitor. Well, what this "up to" means may be interesting. Someone knows?!?

NTFS self-destructs

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We just tried to recover an usb hd with one 120GB NTFS partition on it. Obviously the partition was dirty unmountet the last time...


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